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5 Stunning places in Jodhpur To Visit This Winter Season

The greetings by the first ray in the morning, from the land which is popularly known as ‘Sun City’ . Jodhpur , the city of natural beauty offers its tourists several options for sight seeing. Jodhpur , the blue city of India , is the magnificent jewel in the crown of Rajasthan .
Here we are presenting you top 5 places to visit in Jodhpur

1 Mehrangarh Fort

Visitor Information

Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography, Adventure.
Tickets: 60 INR for Indians and 400 INR for foreigners. A trip to museum will cost 70 INR for Indians, 600 INR for foreigners plus 200 INR and 100 INR for photography and videography respectively. Discounted prices for senior citizens and students.
Opening Timings: Open on all days (9am to 5pm).
Duration: 2-3 hours.

Built around 1460 A.D. by Rao Jodha, Mehrangarh Fort is listed among the most magnificient forts of Rajasthan. Rajasthan. The fort is built so flawlessly that you won’t be able to make out where the walls begin and hill ends.

Things to Do around Mehrangarh Fort

  • Visit the Ranisar and Padmasar lakes.
  • Explore the fort’s museum.
  • Go ziplining (Flying Fox Tour).
  • Take a guided tour around the fort.
  • Visit the Chokelao Bagh.



2. Umaid Bhawan Palace

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.
  • Tickets: Entry to museum is 30 INR for Indians, 10 INR About Umaid Bhawan Palace

    Umaid Bhawan Palace situated on the highest point in the city was built in the year 1943. The palace has around 347 rooms and is listed among the largest private residences in the world.This palace holds a prominent position among places to see in Jodhpur. A museum is also housed in a part of this magnificent structure. Don’t miss to see its galleries housing various regal items, one gallery dedicated to display a variety of an item.


    Things to Do around Umaid Bhawan Palace

    • Observe a stunning vintage car collection.
    • View the clock collection throughout different periods of history.
    • Trek your way to the Palace.



    3 Jaswant Thada

    Visitor Information

    • Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.
    • Tickets: 15 INR for Indians and 30 INR for foreigners. Photography and videography charge are 25 INR and 50 INR respectively.
    • Opening Timings: Open on all weekdays (9am to 5pm). Closed on all gazette holidays.
    • Duration: 2-3 hours.
    About Jaswant Thada

    Jaswant Thada was built in the year 1899 in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh. The tranquility of the marble construction is enchanting. The carvings are intricate.The cenotaphs and domes carved in intricate and traditional Rajasthani fashion make Jaswant Thada a charming sight to behold. Take a theoretical look at this pretty mausoleum before you plan your visit to Jodhpur.

    Things to Do at Jaswant Thada

    • Relax in the nearby lakes and gardens.
    • Enjoy a stunning view of Umaid Palace from here.
    • Explore the stunning architecture.



    4. Mandore Gardens

    About Mandore Gardens

    Mandore, belonging to the 6th century, was Marwar’s capital before Jodhpur was established. Mandore Gardens here attract tourists in great numbers. The architectural splendor of the bygone era is clearly evident here.Their statues are carved in stone and flamboyant. The Shrine of the Three Hundred Million Gods is another attraction of this garden. Climb up the hill to have a look at the ruined city of Mandore with its old palace. And, beware of langur monkeys in this garden. They play around in hordes.hey’re worth visiting for the fantastic architecture and history of a bygone era. The best time to go is during the week when it’s quietest. If you love monkeys, you’ll find plenty there! But be careful that they don’t snatch your food!

    Things to Do around Mandore

    • Visit the nearby museum.
    • Have a picnic here.
    • Go street shopping nearby.
    • Visit the Mandore Fort which is in ruins.


    5. Osian Temples

    Another on the list of places to visit in Jodhpur and around is Osian. This destination awaits you at a distance of 65 km from Jodhpur in the ancient desert town of Osian. Baptized as Osian Temples, these 15 beautifully sculpted Hindu and Jain temples invite you. Hailing from the 7th and 8th centuries, these sacred places prove the architectural proficiency of ancient India.The area of the town is surrounded by hamlets and golden sand dunes. It is a famous pilgrimage site for the Jain communities but today most of the temples are in ruin