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Osian Weekend trip | Hot air Balloon


Camp Safari – Resort at Osian

As the pandemic lockdown ended, people now started exploring again. 

This weekend I thought of visiting a really nearby place called Osian. Located just 65 km from Jodhpur, Osian is a small town and is known for its natural desert beauty.


Driving for less than an hour, I entered Osian and checked into the resort called Camp Safari. The resorts are the best way to explore remote places like this as they offer numerous activities in the itinerary and you do not have to worry much about that. It keeps you relaxed on part of managing and organizing enjoyable trips.



The activities offered by the resort vary from excursions to the guest. You could go for a sunset safari in the desert, take a walk in the neighboring villages. Combine it with desi meals, you’re ensured the day full of adventures.


Well as we checked in, the tents were cozy and comfortable.


The Safari camp provides tents, they are looking good and hygienic which is a priority for me. As Osian is still trying to be a spot in tourism, you couldn’t expect a world-class tent-like Jaiselmer here. width=






After checking in, Welcome drinks were served to us. As Osian is known for its dunes. For a while, we roam around the sand dunes.









The most exciting activity for which I chose this place to spend my weekend was Hot Air Ballooning. Around three O’clock the balloon was ready. And we sat in the floating basket.

This was full of exhilaration. And a person like me who is a beginner for adventure activities, It was a thrilling experience. Around ten minutes, I was floating in the sky.


Hot Air Balloon getting ready!


As the sun was getting near the horizon, we were ready for another thriller that was jeep safari. Though I already had sand dune jeep safari in Dubai, this was desi one, and let me tell you it’s more thrilling than that. width=


You just feel like the jeep is climbing at one second and then climbing down from steep hills in another second. So one needs to hold oneself tightly as this ride is amazingly daring. The edge is 70-80 ft steep. These dunes are gateways to the Thar. They are not dense. Will give you just a feeling that the desert began from here.


After the jeep safari, we spent a few minutes on this soil. Making the logo of Miles and Smiles Holidays, I realized that the desert is mysteriously beautiful.


 width=The camels were waiting for us and the lumbering experience over them was amazing. This bumpy ride was so hilarious for us as the chitchats were funny. The camel owner said the lockdown made even camels lazy to walk after the lockdown.


The camel brought us back to the place where we will have dinner along with entertained folk dancers.



Under the open sky, full of stars moonlit night, the Langa dancers arrived to entertain us.  Padharo Mhare Des is the folk song that makes dunes alive. width=


We are served traditional Rajasthani food which like gatte ki sabji with Bajre ki roti.  Dal rice was also available. The food quality was hygienic and tummy satisfying.


I even joined some dancers to do some steps and it was so fun and joyous. The sky filled with numerous stars. And we were sitting under this starry sky with a campfire. This was a really fun time with the family as we played Antakshari (Karaoke) and did some chitchats.

Dinner Time!!!


The stargazing with my kids made our time beautiful and mesmerizing. We went back to our tents around 12:30 and slept cozily. 


Around 6 O’clock, The sunrise was amazing and mesmerizing. We were served tea and gave it an authentic village feel.


Now breakfast included poha and fresh curd. Aloo ka paratha was so tasty. So overall, the food was amazing.


As I also interviewed the property owner Mahaveer Singh ji.  He said celebrities like Neha kakkar and  Guru randhawa also have been to this resort.




Well, with an amazing view, this property is lying just on the onset of the Thar and is giving you an amazing experience to resume the new normal life.


If you are also planning a cool weekend like me, and want help in planning. We are just a text away.  Whatsapp us on +91 73573 28888.