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Top 5 Vegetarian Indian Restaurants in Bali

Are you vegetarian ? Are you planning trip to Bali? The questions that might have knocked in your mind , that “On an island like Bali , is there chance of anything called like Vegetarian Food?”

We understand that it might be difficult to cater your needs fully. But, as we know where there is guide , there is way.

So, here Miles & Smiles Holidays is presenting you  guide to  Vegetarian Food  available in Bali. But even if you are not vegetarian , we want you try these dishes if you are planning a tour to Bali. These will not only satisfy your tongue but also your heart. Its said in hindi ” Khana ho toh Aisa jo dil khush krde” in english it means” Food should be like that satisfy heart”.

1.Living Food Lab Bali

If you are Vegetarian or even vegan , Bali provides you with many options to make your feast delightful. Living Food Lab Bali is a live example of this.

Here you can find wide variety in meals from savoury to sweet. Not only that, their  menus are as much as possible organic , super high quality, moreover , the option of gluten free meal is also available which you should  definitely try if you are on gluten free diet or allergic to eat.

You won’t regret. Zucchinni mushrooms , Zoodles with green pesto , croquettes are most popular dishes of this restaurant .

This place is often used to organize various events.

Opening hours: 7:45 am – 5:00 pm
Address: Jl. Pantai Berawa, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Badung, Bali


2. Warung Little India


This place will make you feel like home, not  only with its delicious Vegetarian food but also with its interiors.

The Vegetarian food is prepared by best chefs of the region and have  Indian flavour touched with spices

that will make you fall in love with it. In addition to that, walls are adorned with posters of Indian film Actresses and Tibetan praying flags which will make you even more closer to your motherhood.

So, if you are searching for  “Indian Tadka” and Vegetarian food  “Warung Little India” should be in your go to list .


3. Gateway of India


Our third pick for vegetarian Food in Bali is – Gateway Of India. It has total of 5 Branches spreaded all over Bali .

So, no matter in which part of Bali you are travelling, you can catch this place to grab a plate full of delicious Indian food or Vegetarian food specifically.

Here you can find wide variety in both North Indian and  South Indian cuisine. Samosa, curries , Dal prepared in ethnic Indian style will surely satisfy the Indian inside you.

 4.Ganehsa Ek Sanskriti



This is another restaurant option available for Indians searching for Vegetarian Food .

The food served is authentically Indian and proper attention is given in presentation of food. The Kitchens here are glassed in such a way that you can have a look at how your food is being prepared . Isn’t it awesome!

5. Sattvik by Nature


This classical restaurant in Bali will make you feel like home . Its arts and interior are somewhat mesmerizing and even more than that, its food , especially if you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine in Bali.

The food served here is graded under michelin star food restaurant, so you can completely trust on its food quality and have great time.

According to Google report people spend around 45min-2 hours at restaurant.