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Miri : The hidden gem of Sarawak (Malaysia)

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Welcome to Miri | Miles and Smiles Luxury Holidays



Where is this Place??

Miri is a coastal city in north-eastern Sarawak and the second largest city after Kuching. It is close to the Brunei border on island of Borneo.

Packed with natural wonders, Miri is gateway to the famous UNESCO Heritage site ‘Gunung Mulu National Park’ besides Lambir Hill National Park and Miru-Sibu Coral Reef National Park. The temperature here range from 1 to 23 degrees centigrade make it so best time to explore this place.

There is much more than you think.


Explore History

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The museum tells the story of Miri before oil was struck- It was relatively small fishing village to its evolution and also provides information on oil extraction methods. This is located at ‘Bukit Tenaga’, previously known as Canada hills.

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 Explore Peace

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Sun Qing Tian temple
  • It is considered the largest ‘Taoist’ temple in Southeast Asia.
  • Set amidst tranquil garden, the temple has peaceful environment which makes it very impressive and atmospheric place to visit.
  • During Chinese New Year, the temple and its
    neighbourhood transform into a street wide celebration. This lively festival bursts with colour and energy


Explore Nature

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Miri Crocodile Farm cum Mini Zoo
  • Located on Miri-Kuala Baram road near the mouth of Baram river is the first and largest Crocodile farm in the northern region of
  • The farm and zoo is 22 acres of landscaped setting with natural breeding enclosure and man-made sanctuary ponds
    were created for the breeding ground of the crocodiles.
  • The farm is home to more than 1000 Estuarine crocodile and Malayan Gharials and exotic animals from the tropics namely ‘Binturong, Sun bears, Gibbon, Porcupine, Monkeys, baby Crocodiles, Python
    and Southern Cassowary’.


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Gunung Mulu National Park :
  • It is the largest national park covering 544 sq kms of primary rainforest criss-crossed by fast flowing rivers and jungle streams and it has three mountains ‘Gunung
    Mulu, Gunung Api and Gunung Benarat.
  • Yet many of Mulu’s greatest attractions lie deep below the surface. Lying underneath the forested slopes of these mountains is one of the largest limestone cave system in the world.
  • Adventure Caving
  • Canopy Sky Walk (Daytime)/ The Night-walk(After dusk) is a tree based walkway and offers a fantastic opportunity to
    take a closer look at the dense forest around and underneath, the ferns and vines, the lucky ones can spot hornbills, other birdlife and monkeys, learn about the flora and fauna, admire the spectacular scenery of the jungle and mountains and the skywalk takes the visitors across the river where there are more vistas to savour and admire.

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Explore Exotic Gardens

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  • Islamic Garden
  • China garden
  • Hilly areas.

One can easily tour these gardens by walking or cycling. These are the best family destinations.


Explore Beach Life

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Tanjung Lobang beach

Tanjong Lobang Beach is a preferred location for Holiday Retreat Travel Tour and Water Sport. Clean Sand and Epic view of Sunrise and Sunset on Tanjong Lobang Beach makes it a ultimate destination. Tanjong Lobang Beach has stunning shoreline comes in at number one.

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Tusan beach

  • Tusan Beach and Clifffs is a series of relatively narrow white sand beaches broken by rock outcrops and backed by a mixture of sandstone and limestone cliffs for its entire 11km length.  The views from the top of the cliffs are spectacular, especially at sunset.

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  • Discover the Blue Tears phenomenon, a stunning sight of glowing ocean waters in Tusan Beach, Miri. Be amazed with this natural phenomenon turns seawater into an electric neon blue as it washes up on beach. Walk along the beach at the edge of the tide and leave stunning footprints you will ever make. Take some great photos of this incredible sight at Tusan Beach with your love one and family for an experience that will last for a lifetime.


Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park :

  • The coral reef park is an increasingly popular dive destination

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The Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park is a protected area of coral reefs in Miri Division, Sarawak, Malaysia, off the island of Borneo.  The park is a popular dive destination. The Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park, lying at depths ranging from 7 to 50 metres (23 to 164 ft) at the seaward edge, has an average visibility of 10 to 30 metres (33 to 98 ft).  The park is a fabulous place for diving which we have over 30 untouched coral reefs with more than 40 dive sites. Dive sites here ranges from comfortable environment to accommodate new divers to deeper dives for those who enjoys more untouched areas. The best time to dive is from March through November each year. The month of March / April is also the time to expect Whale Sharks and possibly Mantas.


Explore Night Life

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Miri has many major pubs where you can enjoy the local brew. Weekends are a particularly good time to head out as this is when many nightclubs are at their busiest. Cheerie Berries, Balcony, Talking Point, WorldClub Station and several other bars in the area are hopping from early evening to early in the morning.


Food and Bevarages

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The Malay traditional dishes are available such as satay, lalapan ayam, nasi lemak, midin, umai ikan, roti arab, linut ambuyat and seafood dishes as well. Food stalls normally open in the evening with several stalls offering drinks and fresh seafood dishes to grill food from fishes, satay and many more.

Vegetarian and vegan Restaurants are also available there. So pack your bags now!!


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Arriving into and Departing from Miri

Miri Airport – is located 9.5 kilometres southeast of Miri city. Miri airport is the second largest airport in Sarawak.


Miri city hotels

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Hotels | Miles and Smiles Luxury Holidays




Public Transport
Bus Services – are of two types and passengers are serviced by two bus stations.

  • The local bus station located on ‘Melayu’ road next to the visitors information centre serves Miri city area, Bakam area and Miri airport.
  • The bus station for long distance bus services is located near ‘Pujut’ corner and serves Niah National Park, Lambir Hills National Park, Bintulu, Sibu and Kuching.
  • Taxi Services – cabs are identified by their red and yellow colour and do not have meters but fixed prices and services can be availed from and to airport and within the city.


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